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History of Beacon Light
In January of 1938, a small group of believers were composed of the Beacon Light Seventh-day Adventist Company, was organized into a church. It's charter members number a mere 27. At the time, Elder Douglas Batson was the pastor and was assisted by head elder Carl Sims.

The newly-organized church rented a Methodist church at 7th Street and East Jefferson. There Sabbath services were held while mid-week prayer services were held in the homes of members. by the end of 1939, the company moved to a store front on West Sherman near 3rd Avenue. From this location the church moved to a building on Montezuma Avenue which it shared with a Spanish Adventist group. Each worshiped at a different hour, but were united in their service to God and the success of the church school in operation. Ruth Guary was the first teacher in the school and William Collins was the very first convert.

In January 1940, Pastor Batson returned to college to further his education, and Elder J. W. Street stepped in to lead the congregation into the construction project of their very own church. Over the next 6 years, the community watched the resurrection of the church on the corner of 11th Street and East Monroe. The finished church was dedicated to the Lord's work on December 14, 1946. Mrs. Ernestine Williams and her friend, Ruby, were the first fruits of the church's evangelism efforts and were baptized.

Since that time, Beacon Light has been ministered to by a number of Spirit-filled pastors: W.C. Mill, Clarence Howell, Bernard Cayton, James Middleton, Van Runnels, Robert Whitaker, Walter Darby, O.J. Jackson, John Damon, James Edgecombe, Dr. Donovan Edwards, Dr. Calvin Rock, Hamilton Williams and






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